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WELCOME! More than a decade ago, I left the corporate world to spread the joy of Pilates. In this time, I’ve been rewarded with the wonderful changes I’ve seen happen in bodies and minds. Spines miraculously lengthen, pounds melt away, and best of all I see people begin to enjoy the body they were born with. I learn something new from my inspiring clients each day and have come to understand why Joseph Pilates called his method The Art of Control. In a world in which we have so little control of everything else, it’s exciting to see the confidence that comes from bodies achieving their fullest potential.


Lauren Fendrick & Brooke Niles

Pro Beach Volleyball players, Matt Fuerbringer, Lauren Fendrick and Brooke Niles (formerly Hanson) train with me. With Pilates, they have long careers ahead and you can even work out with them on Pilatesology. Check out the links below!

Photo by Patrik Giardino

Work out with athlete Matt Fuerbringer on Pilatesology.com. See his class below!

Pilates Mat Workout for Athletes with Pro Volleyball Player Matt Fuerbringer
CLICK HERE to see a preview.
Join Lauren Fendrick for a quick sports warm up.
CLICK HERE to see a preview.
Brooke Niles (and Matt's partner Nick Lucena) crush the Magic Circle in this workout.
CLICK HERE to see a preview.

I had never done Pilates before finding Alisa and I immediately noticed a difference. Her methods transformed the stubborn areas of my body (abs, butt, thighs) more than any workout I have done with previous trainers or classes. What’s more amazing is that I actually look forward to my workouts. – Angel Archer, Model


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Pilatesology Studio
Our studio in Hermosa Beach, CA. Private or semi private available when I’m home. Email me for availability: alisa@pilatesology.com.
$100/Private, $45pp Semi-Private

April 28-30, 2017
The Texas Classical Pilates Conference
Workshops for teachers, and lessons available with me all weekend. Up to 16 hours of PMA CECs available.

May 5-11, 2017
Pilates Retreat in Italy
Contact Host Gaia Faggiani for details!

PILATESOLOGY True to the Source


I’m proud of the amazing growth of our website, Pilatesology since it’s launch on Dec 29, 2011. Since then, it has become a home to those seeking Pilates that’s ‘True to the Source.’

Pilatesology is a place where anyone of any age or skill level can practice classical Pilates at home or in a studio. We post fresh, new workouts and teaching information every week. Our classically trained teachers are simply the very best in the world.

Members of Pilatesology get unlimited Pilates workouts for less than the cost of one class in a Pilates studio and you can try a limited FREE trial, no credit card required :). Join pilatesology.